OSfinder: A Tool for Accurate Orthology Mapping

Visualize the results of OSfinder

Our distribution includes two Perl scripts that are helpful to visualize the results of OSfinder. The first Perl script named "draw_synteny_map_pairwise.pl" draws synteny maps, which provide you with the overview of the results of the orthology mapping. The figure shown below is an example of the synteny map. A detailed description can be found in the page "Synteny Map".

synteny map 2

The second Perl script named "draw_dot_plot.pl" draws dot-plots, which provide you with a more detailed view of the results of the orthology mapping than synteny maps. By specifying a pair of chromosomes from different genomes, a dot-plot is drawn as shown below. The page "Dot-Plot" explains how you can draw dot-plots with our Perl scripts.


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